AMSTERDAM Pour Over Coffee Maker

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Pour Over Coffee Maker to Brew the Best Cup of Coffee at Home

The AMSTERDAM is our newest and best pour over coffee maker for personal home use. With a removable glass top, a double layer fine hole mesh filter, and a modern carafe, its design is unique and easy to use for brewing the perfect cup of coffee.

Double Layer Stainless Steel Coffee Filter

The AMSTERDAM has a double layer coffee filter that is made from 18-8 stainless steel. It filters your coffee perfectly, and all without a paper filter! This way you do not lose any of the essential oils and no papery taste will transfer to your coffee.

Firstly, the two layers are both made of stainless steel, without any plastic components. So you know your coffee will taste pure without any plastic to taint or leech into it. Secondly, the mesh is just the right size to allow much of the coffee oils to seep into your cup while filtering all the grinds perfectly.

Another benefit to using a reusable stainless steel filter is your coffee becomes paper waste free! After brewing your coffee, compost the coffee grinds and this coffee brewing method entirely sustainable and waste free.


Makes Two to Three Cups of Pour Over Coffee

The AMSTERDAM drip coffee maker brews 850 ml or 28.7 fl. ounces of great coffee. You can, of course, make less in it if you like. This carafe is made of heatproof glass and is safe for use with boiling water.

For pour over coffee, we recommend using water at 190F as boiling water can scorch coffee grinds, giving you a bitterness that will mask the natural flavours of the coffee bean.


Inspired by Amsterdam Coffee Shops

We’ve been told by customers that this is the best pour over coffee maker GROSCHE has designed thus far. We like all of our designs, but perhaps it’s the inspiration from coffee shops in Amsterdam that has given us a unique design that people love so much.

It’s also a special design in that it’s a unique two-part coffee brewer with a top that detaches from the carafe. So, after you brew coffee, you can detach the top and use the bottom to serve coffee to your guests. Is it the best pour over coffee maker? Well, who are we to argue, we love it too!


Hand Blown Borosilicate Glass

The AMSTERDAM is the best pour over coffee brewer with a handmade borosilicate glass carafe and matching removable glass top. It has a capacity of 850 ml or 28.7 fl oz of freshly brewed drip coffee. Serve it straight from the carafe using the non-slip grip to avoid touching the hot glass.

Also, hand-washing is recommended for the glass parts. That is because hand washing you will avoid accidental breakage of the components. In addition, for the filter it is recommended to wash it with soap and hot water after each use to keep it free flowing. So we recommend that you place the filter in a dishwasher or use a scrub brush and detergent.


Artisan Coffee Brewing

This coffee maker is not your cheap plastic electric coffee pot. Its true artisan coffee brewing at its best. With hand blown glass and quality throughout its sure to please. And of course it will make the fine tasting coffee that you just cant get without it.



GROSCHE Safe Water Project

GROSCHE is a Social Enterprise and a certified B Corp on a mission to do good in the world. For every product sold, GROSCHE creates 50+ days of safe drinking water for someone in need through the GROSCHE Safe Water project. That’s why we say “every cup fills another”.


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